If you are in the mood to clean your carpets today, you might just need to strap on your gloves as this might get dirty. Cleaning carpets has always been a rough job as it sometimes takes a lot of time to remove a small problem. However, with the Carpet Cleaning services in Tempe, Arizona and its tips you will be able to clean the carpet in no time.

There are thousands of different strains to address and methods on how to clean them but we here will deal with only the ones that most people are not sure how they should be taken care off.

  1. Blood stains

Whenever a blood stain happens on the carpet the smart thing to do would be not to get a bucket of water and try to wash it down with a simple detergent and a rag. This can cause the blood particles to spread as your rubbing the stain making it bigger and harder to clean in the end.

If you want to clean the blood stain off your carpet you need to get is a rag or an absorbent pad and blot the stain first. Once you have blotted it inwards you should get the proper stain removal tools such as a baking soda solution. The stain can also be removed if you pour salt over the stain and then use a solution of hydrogen peroxide to blot the stain even further. Just don’t forget to use cold water and if you are worried about cross contamination with your pet, then you might need to steam clean the carpet.

  1. Using soda as a tool

Once you make a stain of wine it’s hard to remove it if you don’t act in time. When you have soda in your apartment it’s smart to use it to deal with the wine stains. The cleanest method to do this is to soak the whole area with a club soda and let it sit there for about 10 minutes. After that, you have to get a dry rag that has a lot of absorption potential and remove all the soda residue together with the wine residue from the carpet.

  1. Shaving cream is good for just about anything

If you are a man and you make a mess but you are unsure how that mess can be cleaned from your carpet the best way, then look no further than your shaving cream. Most stains that are made on the carpet can be cleaned just by using your shaving cream. Once the stain is on the carpet cover it with your shaving cream and lets it sit there for about 5-15 minutes. Once enough time has passed make sure to blot the shaving cream are with a rag that is dry and then after you can use a cold water wet rag and rinse the area. Additionally, if the carpet has a whitish color or a light one a diluted vinegar water solution can be applied for additional positive effects.